5 reasons why your acne medication may not be working

There are so many reasons that point to lifestyle and emotions being a huge reason why people are suffering with acne and that medication just hides the problem that the body is trying to tell you.

1- You need to listen to your body

When something is not quite right itʼs your body telling you that it is in need of something. This may be more water, less stress, more fruit and vegetables, exercise etc.

2- Youʼre not giving it time It can take 8-12 weeks for medication to kick in but it could be that itʼs not strong enough or the wrong type of medication to what you need.

3- Youʼre stressed No matter what products/ medication/ treatment youʼre doing, if your stress levels are 13 out of 10 then your body will produce cortisol which means more testosterone which means more sebum which means clogged pores resulting in breakouts.

4- You need to look after your skin If you arenʼt double cleansing before bed, moisturising or even if youʼre over doing it with products and treatments then this can be destructive to your skin. If you leave your skin in makeup all night or havenʼt removed it properly then the skin canʼt regenerate as its busy trying to protect from the makeup on the skin!

5- Youʼre picking If you are picking your breakouts this could possibly be spreading bacteria in and on your skin. You can cause scaring, long term redness and even infections in your skin.

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