Are you washing your makeup brushes correctly?

Lets just take a second to think about when the last time you washed your makeup brushes... If ever.

Now lets think about what your skin may have been through in the amount of time that you haven't washed your brushes.

All of these germs, dust, makeup and possible infections have been lingering in your brushes which you're then applying to your face *EWWWW*.

There are two ways of cleaning makeup brushes. A proper wash or spot cleaning.

Spot cleaning is a fab idea for eye makeup and if you have a bad breakout to use between each application of makeup.

All you do is spritz or soak the brush and wipe on a towel/ kitchen roll.

I use this for a quick spot clean but there are tonnes of products out there!

Deep clean is what you should be doing every week (if you wear makeup every day).

1-Fill a clean sink or washing up bowl with warm (not hot) water and put your brushes in.

2-Dip brush in water but only the bristles because if you soak the whole brush the glue can loosen meaning bristles will fall out.

3- Add a little antibacterial brush cleaner or baby shampoo with a drop of tea tree oil and lather.

4- You should see the makeup start to loosen and lift from the bristles.Rinse the brush in the bowl of water. Repeat steps 2 - 4 until your brush is makeup-free and completely clean.

5- Give your clean brush a rinse under warm running water.Leave to dry bristles down. Do NOT attempt to use a hair dryer or radiator to dry them, as the bristles may fall out or burn!

For my deep clean I use this but there are many others which are more affordable.

Hope this helps! X


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