Diet and Skin

This is very confusing subject.

Simply because research was done years ago and no one has really decided to do anything since.

SO many people have conflicting opinions about diet effecting our skin.

In my opinion it does effect the skin BUT diet is not the cause.

For everyone its different food which effects the skin as everyone is so unique we have to find the foods that effect you personally.

I am in no way a nutritionist but from my personal experience when I eat certain foods it really does effect my skin, and when I really work on having a healthy balanced diet along with all the other lifestyle factors and skincare, my skin blossoms.

Recent studies show if you have a high glycemic diet it does have an effect on your skin, especially if you suffer with acne.

These foods are rapidly absorbed by the body meaning spikes of blood sugar and glucose levels. This then releases insulin and insulin-like growth factor which increases sebum (oil) which contributes to acne.

Dairy also has a bad name when it comes to skin.

There are a number of proposed hypothesis (an idea or explanation for something that is based on known facts but has not yet been proved) which suggest dairy products worsen skin problems.

It is possible that dairy also has an effect similar way to the high glycemic diets.

There is also a suggestion that milk also contains growth hormones which increase androgen levels which can make the skin produce more sebum.

Ideal diets when you do suffer from a skin problem would be to introduce more fish which is high in fatty acids, tonnes of fruit and veg and not forgetting water which has a huge role to play.

Hope this has cleared some things up for all you beautiful people.

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