Positive affirmations, do they actually work?

Positive affirmations to me used to be a load of rubbish, I used to think that saying 'I am beautiful' when you really don't feel beautiful wasn't going to help you feel amazing and beautiful. This is because if you don't fully believe something then it's pointless.

I want you to treat and talk to yourself as if you were speaking to your best friend. You wouldn't put them down because of how they look, you would uplift them and fill them up with compliments. So why do you want yourself to feel hurt by your own hurtful descriptions.

It doesn't have to be 'I am beautiful' but you can start somewhere like 'I appreciate what my body does for me' or 'my skin is healing'.

You could even reframe something negative into a positive such as 'everyone else is so confident unlike me' you could say 'it appears that other people feel confident but I have no idea how they're feeling'.

Here are some positive affirmations that I like to say to myself (I felt a bit strange saying them to myself at first too but don't worry).

I can promise you it really changes your relationship with yourself to not only give you more confidence but allows you to see the good rather than just the bad!


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