Sleep better..

Are you always tired? I know I am especially during the winter months.

Isn't it so annoying when you're tired all day long and then as soon as your head hits the pillow something in your head wakes your whole body and mind up and its impossible to sleep?

I have listed few things that can help you fall asleep easier and sooner.

1- Try to go to bed 30-60 mins earlier than you want to fall asleep and try to not have the TV on or go on your phone.

2- Use oils, pillow spray, candles- anything with a sooting scent that will help you fall asleep.

3- Fresh sheets are always a winner to help me sleep better.

4- Work out your bedtime before bed and what time you need to wake up.

5- Set an alarm and get straight out of bed and do something productive (it can be as simple as making the bed straight away, going to an exercise class or doing some meditation).

6- Take off makeup when you get home from work so that you don't forget and you're not waking yourself up right before bed by washing your face.

With these simple tips you should definitely help you get a better nights sleep which will lead to better skin <3


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