Stressing about stress before there is even any stress to stress about?

Me too, sometimes

Especially when I was younger!

The more stress you feel

The more cortisol comes into your body

Higher levels of cortisol increases testosterone levels

Testosterone increases sebum production

Voila, a breakout/ flare up

How we feel effects our skin

Our lifestyle factors effect our skin

I have proven this with my 4 week skin program

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How can you change this? Nobody can live a perfect, stress free life.

No, but you can control the way we think

Change your mindset

I can help you do a few things every day which can make you feel more positive, more beautiful, happier.

In my 4 week skin program we do an activity all around self love so we can see exactly what we need.

To do this you need:



Now draw a big heart in the middle of your paper and in each corner write rest, support, health and expression and then write 5 or more things (acts of self love) that go under a section so for example expression, I would put dance around like a weirdo to disney songs, for health I would put go to boxing as that's my fave exercise, support I would put either meet my friends or have time with my husband and for rest I would put something like read a book or go to a spa.

Acts of self love don't need to cost a penny. But you do have to make the effort to do them! With this chart it's so much easier to understand what you feel like you need and then you can go to that section and pick what you'd like to do (the more the better).

Once you have completed it I would love to see so please tag me on instagram!

Now I'm not saying ignore stressful situations but this can make it just that tiny bit more bearable and can just take that stress away for 1 minute to a whole day its completely up to you!

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know by getting in touch right now!


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