Want amazing glowing skin this summer?

The best and most important thing you can do for you skin is to protect it with suncream. Not only in the summer, but everyday.

While you think that a tan is a sign of good health, there is no such thing as a healthy tan, it's actually your body trying to protect itself from harmful rays.

If it is light outside UV rays are about. This can be why so many people get confused why you can burn on an overcast day because it seems like you don't need protection as the sun isn't out.

I know myself that having acne can make you not want to put any suncream on because I know from experience it has caused me breakouts BUT you can get 2 main types of suncream PHYSICAL blockers (better for acne, sensitive skins) which make a physical barrier to reflect UV rays and contain ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium oxide, think lifeguards with the white on their nose. And CHEMICAL blockers absorb the UV rays but people can often have sensitivities or allergies and can make the skin feel a little warm however this type is cheaper and rubs in a lot more easier.

If you have acne, using suncream will prevent post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from scarring.

If you are concerned about ageing, using suncream will protect you from the harsh UV rays which can alter your DNA.

If you have sensitive skin, the sun can cause more damage so it's super important to shield it from they UV rays.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON should be using it every day.

Especially if you work outside.

Yes, men i'm talking to you! (little story time but my dad used to be a window cleaner and worked outside he never burns so thought he didn't need to apply suncream now he's got a lot of sun damage and has even had to get a few non-melanoma

Lifestyle and pollution causes 80-90% of skin ageing.

That is crazy!!

I'm not wanting you to hide away but my aim is for you to look after your skin properly and the only way you can do that is to educate you about why, right?

Incidence of melanomas rose in men by 53% - from 19% in 2004-6 to 29% in 2014-16.

And diagnoses in 25-49 year olds rose by 78% - from 9% in the mid-90s to 16% in 2014-16.

3 things you should remember when buying suncream-

-They have a high UVA rating or state they are bored spectrum (means the same thing).

-They have a high SPF (doesn't make any difference on the tan you'll achieve but saves you putting it on as much).

-Make sure it's water resistant (you will still have to reapply after you get out however).


Now i'm all about being on a beach, I love it, it's how I fully relax but I make sure that my application is on point so that I don't burn and i'm protecting my skin not only from skin cancer but from premature ageing.

Head- A full tea spoon size for the head is recommended and you must make sure that there is an even application so you're protecting the skin equally. Make sure you are applying to scalp, into the hair line, ears, lips, behind ears, eyelids and neck.

Body- This should be a full size shot glass application and again make sure that you're applying it evenly. People often miss hands, feet (top, bottomed and between our toes), back of the knees and underarms. Be sure to apply suncream under clothes (under straps) as well because I see burn marks just above clothes all the time!

Application of suncream ready for sun exposure should be around 30 minutes before you are outside; so that the suncream is ready and should be applied every 2 hours at least. But to see how often you should be applying you can work it our yourself below.

This is a fitzpatrick scale

It was created to classify what a persons skin type is and how it reacts to sun exposure.

Once you have found your skin type, you can then look online at the UV Index rating that day,(You can find out what the UV index rating is from google or weather apps, it changes daily and depending on where in the world you are.) For example in Wiltshire where I live its currently 8 which is very high! Now I would say my type is 1/2 but for this activity we will say I'm type 1.

Here is a little equation to work out how often you should apply suncream..



So every 90 minuets I need to apply suncream if i'm outside or in a car.

What skin type are you? I would love to know get in touch on facebook or instagram.


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