Why everyone needs double cleanse!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Every night before I go to bed I have it engraved into my head that I NEED to remove my makeup and look after my skin.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have maybe watched THIS video/ experiment about double cleansing and why everyone should do it!

As you can see it is so important to double cleanse your skin especially if you're wearing makeup!

No matter how much you're scrubbing at your face your skin needs to different cleanses to remove everything. 

Once everything is removed it will allow your skin to drink up the hydration and powerful ingredients you're putting on to your skin.

If you don't remove your makeup your skin won't go into regenerate mode it will stay in protection mode meaning all the damaged caused throughout the day will not get fixed.

This will lead to the skin cells becoming (I would say lazy but they're working every second of the day with no netflix breaks) exhausted meaning your skin will become dull and eventually get uneven texture due to the lack of shedding of the cells.

There are tonnes of cleansers out there so here is a little breakdown of them but if you're not sure which is best for you then just give me a message ill be happy to help!

Bar soaps- Harsh, strip out lipids in the upper layer of the skin compromising the barrier leading to dryness. Oily skin could use this from time to time but shouldn’t make it a habit. •Foaming cleansers- Good for oily/blemish prone skin you must add water. •Non-Foaming cleansers- Mild cleanser which doesn’t lather good for dry, sensitive skin type. Although many people feel it lives a residue. •Cleansing milk- removed often with flannel or cotton pads. Suitable for dry skin types as they leave moisturising agents on skin to improve dryness •Micellar Water- Tiny molecules which remove dirt, makeup and SPF. It’s important to cleanse after this step. •Oils- Good for removal of makeup, dirt and SPF very moisturising its best to cleanse after this step. I would avoid if you have breakout prone or oily skin.

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