When I signed up to do the 4 week skin programme I was so down about my skin but Leah soon changed all of that. 

The initial skin consultation was super helpful and helped me understand my skin a lot better, and the four weeks that followed gave me a great understanding of the effects of my lifestyle choices in my skin. 

But the thing I loved the most was having Leah there every step of the way - she was a constant support and full of positivity and kindness. What I really took away from the programme was the shift in mindset that Leah helped me achieve; I appreciate I’m more than the breakouts I see in the mirror and I’m now able to look past the odd skin blemish or spot and not let them get me down.

Oh, and my skin looks great now too!


I struggled with acne when I was younger - there is literally a gap in my teenage years when you won't find any photos of me because I was so self conscious of my skin.

In my early twenties, I was still getting a lot of blemishes, but the acne was on it's way out of my system. I'm now in my late twenties but blemished skin is still a problem for me - I get big spots around my chin and my nose, and occasional breakouts.

The thing is, I clean my makeup brushes; I use good skincare and having blogged a lot about beauty I learnt a thing or two about the products I should be using.

We talked about my habits and routines, and it was clear to Leah that my breakouts were caused by stress, and naturally I also have some hormonal breakouts when it comes to my monthly period. But it's the stress part that got me - I honestly didn't realise how much that could impact your skin!

Leah gave me tips and hints to implement straight away which would help me eliminate stress as much as possible, and give my body the chance to relax and unwind.

Being able to message The Skin Coach when I was having a bit of a set back or didn't know what to do was amazing - I felt like I have my own personal beauty guru to help me through!


By the end of the 4 Week Programme with The Skin Coach I felt like I have gotten better at keeping healthier lifestyle habits in general - my mental health was better because someone had given me tools and 'permission' to take time to work on myself


Thank you thank you thank you is all I can say!


For someone who absolutely hated their skin and was even nervous sending a photo to Leah I couldn’t have been more comforted by her. Leah put me at ease right from day one and hit the nail on the head with the reasoning behind why my skin was so bad.


As she says, her programme is about life changes and the benefits go further than just your skin!


Although I still have a long way to go, I could not recommend the programme enough for someone who’s got problematic skin but also those who just need that guidance with general life!


I started the programme around the time of my uni exams and at the time (being 100% honest) the last thing I wanted to do was to take even more on and have to take time completing the tasks set each week. If anything, the programme helped me manage the exam stress and my skin thanked me so much for it!


Thanks again Leah - you’re amazing!!


I chose to take part in the 4 week skin program with The Skin Coach because I was so fed up of trying lotions and potions, going to the doctors and googling cures for my acne. 

I loved taking part in this challenge because Leah was so supportive along the way and answered any questions I had.


Taking part in the 4 week skin program helped me discover the main contributors to my skin problems so I know in the future what I need to do to keep my skin as clear as possible.


I couldn’t recommend her enough and most importantly I’m glad I finished the skin program with a new outlook on my skin, finally accepting my flaws and owning them.


I am #flawsome. 

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